miwc general meeting point

Whatever you do during the MIWC tournament days please be aware that there will always be a meeting point at the nicely situated CHTC Clubhouse (Stadtwald area), Hüttenallee 106, Krefeld. This is the place where you can relax, meet Hockey friends or have a good dinner with your team.
Our landloard Nico Giunta, Restaurante i-due inside the CHTC Clubhouse offers special dishes from Wednesday evening til Sunday noon (not at Player's Night on Friday). Recommended:
Lunch Buffet (Antipasti, Pasta, Meat dish, Salad) at a special price of 11.50€ or
Large Dinner Buffet with dessert at 19.50€/person.

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if there are any questions or suggestions we will be glad to hear from you!